Nickel Bottom Garden: Water Testing

To see the test results – click on the below link and then scroll down the selection sites on the left hand of the view and click on South Peachtree @ Zonolite Park …


Water Quality Monitoring of the South Fork of Peachtree Creek Performed in Zonolite Park

The water test results at the above link are available thru the effort of several volunteers associated with the “Friends of Zonolite Park.” They collect water samples on a bi-weekly basis and deliver the samples to the Chattahoochee River Keeper (CRK) headquarters. This activity is performed as part of CRK’s Neighborhood Water Watch (NWW) program. NWW is a community driven collaborative program between CRK and neighborhood groups, such as the Friends of Zonolite. The water samples are tested for turbidity, conductivity, optical brighteners, and E. coli.

E. coli is a species of fecal coliform bacteria that comes from the intestinal tracts of humans and warm blooded animals. The presence of E. coli in streams indicates fecal contamination and the presence of harmful pathogens. The routine data collected by the NWW Program will show how safe the water is over time. If high levels of E. coli are found, CRK will investigate and work with the community and government agencies to identify the root cause and remedy.

High levels of E. coli are a threat to human health. The E. coli levels in the South Fork vary widely. Often the levels are between 400 and 1,400 – with spikes above that. To put that in to perspective, guidance from many experts is the level for swimming should be 100-200 or less. The guidance for other recreation activities is 400-600 or less.