In 2011, after languishing for nearly 50 years as an industrial brownfield site, an EPA cleanup returned the 12-acre Zonolite Park to its original lush, uncultivated state along the South Fork of Peachtree Creek. Since then, friends and neighbors have been working to cultivate the site, adding amenities such as:

  • .08 Miles of South Fork Conservancy trails, which will one day connect to SFC’s larger trail system
  • The flourishing Nickel Bottom pollinator and community gardens
  • A state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting system (donated by The Coca-Cola Company)

In 2015, with the support of Park Pride, a group of dedicated neighbors and small business partners installed the Nickel Bottom Pollinator Garden at the entrance to Zonolite Park.

In 2016, a generous donation from The Coca-Cola Company provided the rainwater harvesting that will sustain Zonolite Park’s centerpiece, a sustainable community garden designed by Susan Stainback’s team at Sylvatica Studios. Nickel Bottom Community Garden offers a vibrant, authentic and inclusive community space where families, friends, businesses, and neighbors can:

  • Experience the rewards of sustainable gardening
  • Experience the rewards of sustainable gardening
  • Participate in local community gatherings for education and celebration
  • Enjoy a serene environment for contemplation and renewal through nature

To inquire about renting a plot, please contact Peter Densmore. For general information about Nickel Bottom Garden or Zonolite Park, contact Donna Rooks.

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